Tuesday, April 29, 2008

encouraging thoughts with perfect timing

So i have been a little stressed out lately, mainly about money.  I am struggling to figure out how to live within my means and still enjoy life at my age.  And finding a job that pays more seems to be challenging in today's downward spiral of economic crisis.  So its really no wonder that my sleeping is fitful and anxiety level is super high.  But there are a few things that came to my attention yesterday that put a positive spin on things.
First, we received an email from the owner of the company yesterday with the most uplifting message.  She says that when she is fretting over something she clings to her husband's wise words: "Worrying is the opposite of creative thinking." Now for an artist, this alone had a loud resonance seeing that i cannot live without some sort of creative outlet each day.  But she went on to explain even further why this is true: "worrying constricts the blood vessels in the brain while creative thinking opens them up, allowing the blood to flow, carrying precious oxygen to all parts of the body, so that we function at our greatest potential."

She also encouraged us to think of the motto of the Outward Bound program, "The only way to get out of it, is to get into it." Get into what? Well for this wonderful lady, it was her passion to help the people of mexico, to share the joy of her finding treasures on her travels with other people and to build an awesome family business.  I admire her and her creative vision so much.  We aren't just schlepping jewelry, we are making little differences in the world everyday.

So what do I have to "get into" in order to get out of my funk? I have to get back to the one thing that has always been my constant stronghold. My faithful Lord.  Psalm 94:18-19 is a passage of great rejoicing in the the comfort of the Lord:

"When I said, 'my foot is slipping,'
your love, O LORD, supported me.
When anxiety was great within me,
your consolation brought joy to my soul."

These verses serve as a constant reminder to me that no matter what is wrong I don't have to be afraid to ask for help, i just have to do it! And getting into it doesn't mean i make million or change the world today, today it means the little things in preparation for the big stuff.... cleaning, grocery shopping, paying bills, working out. I have to get this stuff out of the way so I can change the world tomorrow!

Saturday, April 19, 2008


I am spending the weekend visiting one of my favorite places to call home and am just feeling truly full of love.  I have been here about 25 hours and every minute has been filled with sharing stories of the last year with people I really care about and who care about me.

I am staying with four of the greatest women I have ever met.  I learned what living really means with these girls.  It doesn't matter when or where I see them they never fail to invigorate and inspire me with their faith, passion, interests, commitments.  this is them:

(sorry, I found this picture somewhere i don't remember and I like to picture myself in pink seat!) photo cred: B.Mollenkof

Coming back makes me realize how much I took for granted in my former higher elevation habitat.  Conversations that shape your life happen every few hours.  A person who you will know forever is around each corner.  Music that thrills your soul is played in live, impromptu mini concerts on a nice afternoon. The colors here are more vibrant, even the gray fog. Plus... you are blessed with a generous helping of homemade pancakes on Saturday morning. Why did I ever leave?

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Dream a Little Dream of Me

Oh, yay!!! Zooey Deschanel has made an album with no less that the AMAZING M.Ward.  My heart overflows with joy when I listen to this album. It is perfect for driving the thousands of miles I am putting on my little car this spring.  It goes well with fresh air, new friends, and the daffodils on the mountain that I am going to see on Friday! more zooey here at the erin featherston fashion show with a classic:

But this upbeat soundtrack really suits life right now.  I am uber joyous.  I got into grad school! finally, a little direction.  I will be getting my masters in arts administration, concentrating on the non profit sector.  I will learn how to raise funds to make other artists' dreams come true and create programs to make communities and arts intertwine! I am so excited, I just need to find a way to pay for it.

I am just so happy that I am one step closer to the goal that will be the pinnacle of my career: having an article published in ArtForum.  One day ...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

read this book...

... and don't ever complain again. now get off your ass and go do what you want to do. you don't need resources or connections, but if you have 'em it makes things a heck of a lot easier. The American Dream still exists. This guy did it!

And by the way, Adam is incredible. I had the opportunity to meet him last week and have to say that he is one of the smartest, most interesting people I have ever met. I cannot wait to see where his life goes next.
read the intro and more here

Thursday, April 3, 2008

artistic nutrition

tonight i spent the evening in the presence of artists fulfilling each other's desires to create and learn from other's creations. I modeled for a class at ric standridge's studio and the energy stimulated was incredible (even with only 3 students) i have been a part of this little community since february and am embraced as both artist and model simply because we all revel in the act of "markmaking" (ric's fabulous term). but tonight was different because I got to witness him painting, and with one ten minute pose, he created a work similar to this. and with four 5 minute poses he created another work that was breathtaking as well.

His advice that continues to ring in my head is "fearless, be fearless" and "keep it simple"

you can check out more of ric's work here

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Falling Slowly - from the movie 'Once'

I love men with beards. and accents. Oh and INSANE musical talent. You can't help but love this song (and movie.)