Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Moral Dilemmas in a fallen world

I just watched an incredible film that was like watching the layers of tissue peeled back to reveal the internal organs of society only they have been all misplaced and reattached in improper ways. It was called Gone Baby Gone, Directed by Ben Affleck and based on a novel by Dennis Lehane, and it received great reviews and critical acclaim.

It was expertly acted which was central being that each layer of plot was revealed through the introduction (or the exit) of a character. Another vital part was the attention given to the rough and tumble south boston neighborhood where the story takes place. Affleck makes you sympathetic to the main character who expresses with his opening soliloquy that one's identity is tied up in where they come from even if they don't choose it. And the grimy scenes and harsh language make you pity the people who live there and rejoice with those who have come out of it. These things only build up the moral conflict that you are left with once the credits begin to roll: Whose right is it to take responsibility for children? Is defending the truth always the right answer? How much trust is too much when it comes to our legislative and judicial system?
Great movie, watch it and think about what you would do.

sorry to be so dark and gloomy and thought provoking, time to pick up some Jane Austin...

Monday, March 24, 2008

new colors and look for spring

winter sucked, so i disappeared for a while but...

I am back, please excuse the prolonged absence, i was trying to create a life for myself, i have resigned to letting God do that for me. So, we wait for his move. I applied to graduate school. waiting for a decision. I am thinking about LA as an option, or charleston, or charlotte. maybe china or india. I really can't make any moves yet until i hear from school. so we check the mail everyday and harass the department with phone calls. In the meantime I spend awkward holidays with my family, dress snazzy for parties, and throw my heart out to whoever will take care of it for a while (usually quite detrimental to my emotional state, but hey it fills the time).
Another great way to fill the time: chick lit. I am currently reading quite a few (I needed a break from my typical literary diet of mid twentieth century southern writers)

The Other Boleyn Girl
by Philippa Gregory
I haven't seen the film yet but the book gives me the chance to use the word scintillating a lot!

Skinny Bitch
Seriously the authors come off as bitches but the no nonsense vegan lifestyle book kinda makes sense. I mean how many other animals drink the lactation from another species? NONE. its actually a very practical lifestyle. I am not fully converted yet (growing up in a household where every weekend in the winter worked around when daddy came back from his hunting land and summers were spent shooting skeet and learning about why hunters are essential to conservation makes me a little hesitant to go totally veg) But it is interesting and has some good points.

Of course the quintessential chick lit author herself couldn't be left out. Jane really makes fighting the last bit of winter bearable. I have actually started a little book club with the girls at work. we are going to discuss one Jane novel a month. This month is Emma. If you want in, let me know!

But of course as every ADD reader knows, I have already started to get antsy and look for the next addition to my list "to read" and it is polar opposite!