Monday, June 9, 2008

Staying up until the magical hour

...when it becomes the following day and I find something to make me think or just enjoy. Its gorgeous everyday.

Also, this is nice to look at as well:
click on the picture for more info on this photographer who creates staged photo scenes from children's artwork. This one especially makes me happy because what little girl hasn't dreamed of a fabulous bedroom like that!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

the voice that moves me lately

not to mention the lovely eyes of Sondre Lerche, so I did a little radio scrobbling and loved EVERY other artist they played similar, listen while you read:

So inspired by music and my fabulous friend in LA i have come up with some incredible projects to work on and present shortly. First a 25 day personal makeover, physical and spiritual. Both of these are a struggle for me lately and they really should be the strong center point of my ever changing life. so getting these straight is in order.  more to come on those later.
Next, I am going to write a book.  I am coming up on the 10 year anniversary of something that has defined a part of my life longer than anything else. so they say write what you know. i know this and i know other people who will relate to it. i am still playing around with the format whether to fictionalize it as a novel or more of a memoir. maybe even a trendy graphic novel (HA!  no.). 

Tonight i saw a staged reading of a play that was so real, it almost made me uncomfortable. ok it definitely made me uncomfortable.  It is about relationship between a husband and wife and her desire to have an affair.  sounds like you've heard it before until you hear the dialogue in the middle of the play when he confronts her about her desire, they speak so frankly and relate in a faux friendly manner. He even says to her, "If you want to sleep with him, i just want to know." It was this line in the play that i think allowed her to pursue her desire and was the real turning point.  So he gives her this "permission" but the tension is still there and left lingering over the audience. Originally the playright left it ambiguous as to whether the affair actually happened or not, but in this staging the director chose to make the question more about whether she regretted her decision, or if it really damaged her relationship. It was really brilliant and it all came from a local writer in my hometown, Terry Roeuche.  It was called Discretion, and it was presented as part of the Create Carolina workshop at Winthrop University.  I can't wait to come home and see more of the art that is coming out of the place that i had always considered destitute in the way of art.  turns out i just didn't know where to look. 
Its almost disconcerting, in  a way. I have always separated my life as an artist from my growing up in this town, even to the point that i felt superior that i was interested in and involved in this art scene that was bigger than my town could ever imagine. It was totally an elitist attitude that has been crushed (and rightfully so). There is so much to learn here. It was wrong of me to say that I HAD to be in NY in order to learn anything about the art world.  I think that not only is this the perfect place to start, it is NECESSARY that I start here. From the beginning. The book is part of that.

So recap, today i was inspired, creative, inspired again as my ego was gratefully crushed, and exhilarated by the beauty in my hometown. Looking forward to being humbled even more.