Wednesday, August 6, 2008


"There is such a thing as a creative reservoir within, the more you work the more you have access to it." - Peter Max

...MY NEW JOB! I get to spend my day learning about and telling others about some really fabulous artwork. AND meeting the artists when we have shows. P-L-U-S, I work with some super smart beautiful people who are just plain wonderful and I can't wait to know them better.

I ALSO LOVE living at home (geesh, really?) I mean, it may still be the honeymoon period but it is so nice to know that when i get home, there will be people there who want to hear about my day and I want to her about their days too.  its nice. Try it.

What is sad is the Co is leaving for school tonight, and due to crazy schedules (f/t job + internship + grad school) I most likely won't see him until Thanksgiving.  Boo. He's a cool kid, I will miss him lots.

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